‘Tis The Season

‘Tis the Season

Ready or not – the holiday season is here!

It’s already November 1st – can you believe it?! We officially have less than two months until the New Year. Where has the time gone? We’re still trying to figure that part out!

At Luxe, we LOVE everything about the holiday season. From the music, the jolly spirits, candy canes and snow flakes it is truly hard to top! Of course, we can not forget the part we love the most…the events! Holiday events have such a special feeling to them. Whether you pull in gold or silver accents, dark, rich colors or even light, airy cream tones, they all have a rich, elegant finish!

We would love to be apart of your Thanksgiving dinner, a small friendly gathering or a large holiday party!

We want to share a few of our favorite holiday events we have gotten to be a part of in the past!


Cherry Creek
Clear Resin Chiavari Chair
Silver Matte Satin Linen
Allure Linen
Silver Giselle Linen
Ivory Satin Napkin
Star Burst Glass Charger

Gold Glass Beaded Charger
Black Satin Napkin

Detroit Athletic Club
Mink Matte Satin Linen
Colleen Linen
Merlot Satin Napkin
Navy Satin Napkin


(How cute is this romantic ceremony setup?!)

Meadowbrook Hall
Gold Resin Chiavari Chair
Black Satin Sash

Detroit Athletic Club
Gold Resin Chiavari Chair
Paris Overlay

The kick off to the holiday’s are in three short weeks! Don’t let the sneak up on you. Let us help add a little sparkle to your events! Tell us about your holiday vision today. 🙂

Timing Is Everything!

Timing is Everything!

Happy Wednesday my lovely brides and thank you for joining us again for #WeddingTipWednesday!

The famous quote “Timing is everything” seems to play truth in a lot of situations, including wedding planning. We hear our fair share of “Am I too early?” and “My wedding is 2 years out and I’m ready to start planning!”. We also have a handful of last minute orders! Whether you’re ahead, behind or just in time, we’re here to help!  

When to book:

The maximum time needed to book is a year and a half. If you’re having a larger guest count, I would suggest locking in the items you’re 100% positive on. For example, Chiavari chairs go like hot cakes! We already have a few weekends during summer 18 where we’re sold out of certain colors. We often have brides who are too far out or are not positive on their color scheme, but LOVE the package we’re currently offering. Our suggestion would be to lock in the package, and then at a later date come into our showroom to pick out linens for the package you have booked. The only decision you would have to make upon booking is the Chiavari chair color you’re interested in! This works great with out of state (and country) brides as well!

As for linens, I would suggest booking those about a year out from the wedding. This way, you’ll have the pick of the litter and you won’t have the worry about certain colors or fabrics no longer being available for your date!

Off-Season Tip:

After October, the wedding world really starts to reel down for the season. An awesome time to book rentals is during November-February. Almost always, the best specials are during those months. Also, if your wedding is taking place during the off season, I would ask about off season discounts or deals!

Pictured: Empire Manhattan and Allure linen, Ivory Starburst Charger and Clear Chiavari Chairs
Venue: Cherry Creek Golf Club

Consultation Time:

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have all of your big decision makers with your during your consultation! At Luxe, we offer a discount if you decide to move forward with us during your consultation.


To see all of our current packages, click here!


Fear of the Fees

Fear of the Fees

Photo Taken by Luxe Event Linen
Featuring Mahogany Resin Chair
Located at Cherry Creek Golf Club

You did it – you’re half way there! Friday is just around the corner. And what a better way to award yourself than with a glass of wine and some #WeddingTipWednesday?

One of the biggest conflicts we come across is budget, because, unfortunately, nothing in this world is free. We often have brides think it’s a better deal to get chargers from one company, linens from the next and lighting and draping from another. One may think they’re saving because Suzy’s shop is a few dollars less than Joe’s, but in the grand scheme of things, bride’s end up paying more trying to piece together their big day, and not to mention the big headache at the end of the day!  Each company has different delivery, installation and pickup fees. Of course, we can’t forget about those famous hidden fees added on to your order as well! Plus, each company has different quality product. At the end of the day, it’s much more cost and time effective to do a one-stop shop.

After being in this business for over 10 years, we cannot stress enough how important it is to review your contract. Not only will it help answer any questions you may have, but it is a great way to get all of the financial information up front and in writing! Most companies do have a non –refundable deposit, so make sure the company you’re deciding to work with is ‘the one’.

At Luxe, we truly love to pride ourselves on our high level of customer service and quality of product. During consultations, we give all of our delivery and pickup fees right up front. And we have no hidden fees added to our orders! We understand how important budgeting is to brides! Per our contract, we allow a 10% drop in numbers. For example, if you book 200 chairs, you’ll be able to drop 20 chairs, without restocking fees. When obtaining estimates, it’s very important to factor in the 20% of guests that typically cannot attend events. When you factor this number in, you’ll be able to get a more accurate quote for your budget! So if you’re inviting 250 people, ask for quotes with a guest count of 200.

Contracts also state information about missing or damaged items. It is very important to read all of this information, especially if you’re planning on having wax candles, a kids table or rough centerpieces that may snag or rip linens. As for missing items, we have had everything in the books from cousins stealing the napkin rings for their Thanksgiving dinner to groomsman’s wearing linens around as capes for the after party! With weddings, you never know what you’re going to get!


Happy Planning!




Happy Wedding Tip Wednesday! When planning a wedding, there are a lot of aspects that go over looked and we know everyone’s budget looks different! We’re here to help add that ‘WOW’ factor when you and your fiancé first walk into your venue, without blowing your entire budget.

Luxe is bringing you their best tips to bringing your wedding vision to life.

Tip #1

We often have a lot of brides looking to add a pop of color to their guest tables! We love the idea of pulling in your color scheme throughout your table decor. Bride’s tend to think a budget friendly way to add this color is through a table runner. In our opinion, table runners tend to get lost between the glass wear, place settings, coffee cups, salt & pepper , etc.  For just $10 more, you could pull that color throughout the linen! With the linen on the guest tables, it truly transforms the entire look of the room.

From $10…



To $20…

Linen pictured Petal Matte Satin

It’s amazing what a little color or texture can do to a room!

Do you have a specific color in mind? Check out our linen gallery to find the pop you’re looking for!

Tip #2

Is there a bold color you’re looking to add but not sure how or not ready to fully commit to it? We love adding our own personal touches to a napkin or even a menu/thank you card! For example, one of our brides loves pink and wanted a way to soften her look, but her fiancé wasn’t a huge fan of incorporating the color into the wedding. With something as simple as text, ribbon or a sprig of greenery, you can easily pull in a new color while staying friendly to your budget! Adding this simple touch makes it a cute way to pull everything together, while putting your own personal spin on it! It’s all in the detail!

(Menu Card)
Photo taken by ESchmidt Photography
Linen Pictured: Lincoln with Hunter Satin Napkin

(Sprig of greenery)
Photo taken by Swanky Fine Art Weddings
Floral by Twigs & Branches

For more detail ideas, follow our Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/luxeeventlinen/place-settings-napkin-folds/.


Happy planning!