Happy Holidays!

Do you hear what I hear? Not just jingle bells…but the official start to the holiday season! And we really like the holidays around here!

Tree trimming, gift shopping, present wrapping, dinner cooking, memory making, house cleaning, holiday decorating, and card mailing are probably just a few things on your list of to-dos, am I right?

Did you promise yourself you were going to be more organized this year than you were last? Maybe you told yourself you’d get an earlier start? Relax! It happens to all of us. There is still plenty of time. Kind of… Holidays (and holiday parties) certainly come with their own set of challenges. We know (maybe more than anyone) what a whirlwind it can be to plan your holiday event. And, not only do we understand, but we are more than happy to lend our years of wisdom and experience to throwing a fun and festive fete. I bet you’re wondering how you are going to physically get everything done. Your mind is probably going a mile a minute ruminating on things like– how you will make the most of your time with loved ones, thoughtfully curate your dinner menu, trim the tree, or simply get all of the shopping done?! Stop. That’s a never-ending cycle. Afterall, this is supposed to be a time of joy and cheer, not stress and fear! Don’t struggle to stay sane through another year. Or white knuckle your way through another holiday season. Read our holiday tips instead.

A few of our helpful holiday tips:

Give yourself some time to plan. About at least a month in advance:

1.       Think of a theme.

Is it Christmas Day Brunch? Grinch themed? White everything? Ugly Sweater? Maybe you’re trying out a Christmas spin on Game of Thrones? We won’t judge your theme. But we suggest coming up with something to plan around.

2.       Who will be attending? Make your guest list and find out who will be attending.

Is this a family only event? No kids? Find out how many guests you will be having so you can appropriately and comfortably accommodate them.

3.       Are you serving food/drinks?

You should decide this early on so you can nail down your menu. Is it a formal dinner? Five course meal? Strolling appetizers? Maybe you’re just going to have cocktails. Whatever it is, try nailing this down and your menu items. It will alleviate a lot of stress as the planning process continues. It will also help when you head to the grocery store!

4.       Swing back to your theme–time to decorate and choose your linens!

This one is really easy. Just give us a call. Tell us how many people you will be hosting and other fun details about your event and one of our stylists will help you hand select linens for your event! You won’t have to stress or worry about the size of the linens or how to fold the napkins or anything like that. We will handle all of  details! We can even help you brainstorm other complimentary décor ideas! We will come and set up your event, too!

5.       Deep cleaning.

It’s a good idea to start cleaning and getting ready for your event about a month in advance. But vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down surfaces are best left for right before your event takes place!

6.       Holiday décor.

When you are doing the rest of your holiday decorating, particularly for your event, be sure to take a page out of Marie Kondo’s book (literally) and only use the things that spark joy. If something is broken, doesn’t fit where you are trying to put it, or is just to hard to decorate with don’t use it (or even better– get rid of it).

7.       Party!

It’s that time. You’re event is here. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones. The holidays are often a time of stress and we forget to just enjoy ourselves and the people we choose to surround ourselves with. You’re throwing a party for a reason! Don’t forget to have fun!

Happy Holidays! From everyone at LUXE Event Linen. We hope your holidays are very merry! And that you have a happy and healthy holiday season. We are looking forward to being a part of your holiday events!

Charger Plate Alert

If you keep up with our blogs, you know we are all about the detail – the more, the better! One of our favorite ways to add a little more pizzazz to a look is with a charger plate. Think of it this way…would you leave the house without your favorite accessory? We think not! It simply completes the look. Over the past few months, we’ve amped up our changer inventory to help find the best look for you!

Say hello to our Champagne Star Burst! She has a beautiful glow, and just a touch of shimmer. She pairs well with both matte and shiny linens. However, we cannot forget about her bestie…Ivory Star Burst.

Mixing in different textures adds a great interest to the eye, whether its between linens, napkins or chargers. And what better way to mix textures, than pulling in some metal! Meet our Copper Metal Charger (yes please!).

Do you like a little more of a simple linen? We’ve got the charger for you! Our Silver and Gold Flower are to die for. They’re super unique, and photograph beautifully. PS We LOVE these chargers on our farm tables too!

And who could possibly forget about our Vintage collection? Not us!! These chargers add just the right amount of detail on the skirting of the plate. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself.

And what we are most excited for is our new place mats! These are great for family style meals and plated. What’s your favorite color and style?

What’s your favorite? Need help completing your look? Leave it to the experts! We’d love to help you out step by step. Check out the rest of our inventory here!

Wedding Season

It’s our favorite time of year – wedding season! We’re ready for jammed packed weekends, new trends and seeing our favorite vendors more often. Luxe averages 25-30 events each weekend – holy cow! We live for the late nights, wild wedding stories and memories we’re able to make with our teams. Here are a few of our favorite looks from last season..

Venue: Garden Theater
Photographer: Dan Cox Photography
Floral: Mancuso’s Florist
Venue: Jam Handy
Photographer: Northern Native
Floral: Twigs & Branches
Coordinator: Spoke Events
Venue: Madison Building
Photographer: Erin Schmidt Photography
Floral: Jen House Designs
Venue: Packard Proving Grounds
Photographer: Nova Rose Photography
Floral: Twigs & Branches
Coordinating: Beautiful Day Planning

Want to see more of our wedding looks? Check out our Gallery! Our stylists love coming up with new, creative designs. Have an idea in mind? Let us help you design it! We are always adding new products to our inventory to stay ahead of the trends. We’ve recently brought in new chairs, chargers and linens!

We cannot wait to see the final look our 2019 weddings! Here’s a sneak peak at an event we did a few weeks ago at Packard Proving Grounds. LDT Events did the planning and brought out our new Champagne Infinity Chairs! Beautiful is an understatement.

Luxe is still booking events for 2019! We are offering some amazing pricing this month. Trust Luxe to make your big day perfect!

Looking to join our event team? We’re hiring setup members! Please send all resumes to crystal@luxeeventlinen.com.

New Season, New Faces

Hello everyone! My name is Emily and I am the new Events Office Assistant here at Luxe. I am a recent graduate at Oakland University where I studied Marketing and found my love for event planning. I am so excited to be a part of the Luxe family! There is so much to learn about this exciting industry and I have found amazing teachers here.

Throughout my first week, I’ve already had amazing opportunities like going to style shoots, visiting venues, and working in the showroom. After just a few days, I have already learned just how much Luxe has to offer their clients. From linens to chairs, there are styles fit for every client and their special event.

This Mink Giselle Sequin Linen pictured above is my absolute favorite. Whether centerpieces are roses and hydrangeas, or candles and greenery, the linen compliments many different styles. When paired with the Mahogany Resin Chiavari Chair, it creates a gorgeous contrast.

If you’re looking to book with Luxe in March, we have a special package deal for all new orders! For March we are having a $10 per person ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE. New orders will receive Chiavari or Infinity Chair with pad, any guest table, cake table, and up to 4 head table linens, and acrylic chargers. Plus $175 Delivery/Installation and Pickup fee within Metro Detroit. Be sure to book by March 30th!

New Year, Same Obsession!

New Year, Same Obsession!

Pictured: Mahogany Farm Table with Cross Back Farm Chairs

The New Year has come, but our thoughts on the Farm look are still the same! Throughout 2018, we’ve have had all types of combinations with the rustic pieces…and we still cannot get enough. Are you feeling the same way?!

Garden Theater

What’s better than a farm table? A farm table with greenery and a chiffon runner, of course! The greenery and chiffon soften the look up so much, it can really create a different feel in spaces. Our bride mixed her Farm look with our gold Chiavari chairs, along with Navy accents.

And we cannot forget about this head table setup…#GOALZ!

Ford Piquette Plant

Shine bright like a diamond! This romantic setup has us shook. The Edison bulbs add a perfect touch to the subtle sequin linen and farm tables. We love the pops of dark floral in the centerpieces..yes, please!

Eastern Market

Eastern Market…our Mahogany Farm Table looks good on you. 😉

We love when couples like to be out of the box! For the reception space, they did a mix of Mahogany Farm Tables, with a very textured linen. They also weren’t shy with the floral tones – heck ya!

Is anyone else drooling? Because same!

The Crofoot

Venue: The Crofoot; Pictured; Mahogany Farm Table with Cross Back Farm Bar Stool;
Floral: Twigs & Branches

You should see the Farm designs we have in store for 2019…we can’t wait to share them with you!

Do you have a design in mind? We’d love to bring the look to life! Call us at 248-822-9400 or email us at stylist@luxeeventlinen.com.