LUXE understands the benefit of one stop shopping as it streamlines the number of people involved on an event. Many clients expressed an interest in lighting, draping and soft seating. They have asked us to source this feature for their events. We can work directly with these professionals and book the services for you under one LUXE contract or you can go driectly to them, whichever your preference.
Event Draping, Soft Seating Furniture, Bar Rentals, Custom Decor Professional:
Colonial Events is your one stop source for professional event and party rental equipment. They have a large inventory of top quality rental products with a renowned customer service reputation ensures that your special event will be a success. Often they construct custom furniture and lighting to give a comfy feel to an event. Lounge areas, and bars are other highly requested items in additional to event draping.
Lighting Professional:
We have teamed up with The Elysium AmbiLight Experience. The Elysium AmbiLight Experience helps create those emotions for your celebration by building the perfect ambiance…inspired by you. You choose the color that perfectly enhances your space or choose an AmbiLight Dynamic Package that will allow you to change color and experience throughout your celebration.The following Packages have been structured to make an ease of selection but can also be modified at a per fixture price. All pricing includes installation and delivery of lighting. A 50% Deposit will reserve the package. LUXE will coordinate all levels of communication with Elysium.


The Hera Experience~12 LED AmbiLight Fixtures $479 Static $649 Dynamic

The Astra Experience~18 LED AmbiLight Fixtures $699 Static $949 Dynamic

The Luna Experience~24 LED AmbiLight Fixtures $899 Static $1299 Dynamic

The Sol Experience~32 LED AmbiLight Fixtures $1159 Static $1599 Dynamic